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Hackers could deny happy endings as Flipper Zero takes the buzz out of adult toys

Flipper Zero’s growing capability to cause mischief and mayhem continues to be unearthed, with researchers discovering that the small, cutesy device can be used to take control of vibrating sex toys.

user icon Daniel Croft
Wed, 15 Nov 2023
Hackers could deny happy endings as Flipper Zero takes the buzz out of adult toys
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Following news that Flipper Zero was able to spam Apple devices with messages using Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) broadcasts, researchers Luca Bongiorni and Matteo Mandolini conducted an experiment to see if the device could control adult toys.

The experiment targeted adult toys controlled by the widely used Love Spouse app, which has over half a million downloads on Google Play. With video evidence to show for it, the pair were able to use Flipper Zero to turn them on and “make sex toys go bzzzzz”, or turn them off in what they called a “Denial of Pleasure attack”.


The Love Spouse app works by sending packets to the sex toys to turn them on and off, sending a start packet for each of the different vibration modes, and then a stop packet to turn the device off again.

As with all Bluetooth and TCP/IP communication, packets are sent by a broadcaster and received by an observer.

Users of the app need to log in to send these packets from their devices. To get around this, the researchers used an application called nRF Connect, allowing them to intercept the broadcast packets.

Once that was done, the researchers were then able to develop an app on the Flipper Zero to replicate those packets.

The Flipper Zero was first launched from a Kickstarter campaign, which raised almost US$5 million, smashing its goal of US$60,000.

Users of the device quickly discovered that it could be used as a tool for pen testing, pranks and experimentation, as well as for more serious crimes.

Flipper Zero’s ability to replicate infrared (IR) remotes allows it to control devices such as televisions and sound systems, but it could also allow a user to open a garage door. It can also take electromagnetic signals from car key fobs and record them. However, it has been reported that replaying them often has little effect due to car security systems.

According to Compass IT Compliance, the device can even be used to “bypass some Sentry Safe electronic safes”.

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