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Palo Alto’s Unit 42 incident response adopts AI to combat threats

Global cyber organisation Palo Alto Networks has announced that it will be expanding its digital forensics and incident response service Unit 42 to assist in tackling increasingly complex threats.

user icon Daniel Croft
Fri, 28 Apr 2023
Palo Alto’s Unit 42 incident response adopts AI to combat threats
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The increasing complexity of cyber criminal activities and attacks has led the world-leading incident response service to expand its capabilities, with Unit 42 adopting a breadth of artificial intelligence-powered solutions.

According to a recent Unit 42 report, the time it takes for an organisation to typically respond to a threat is much larger than the time it takes for a threat actor to exploit a vulnerability, with 60 per cent of organisations taking over four days to resolve issues, while attacks take only a few hours.

Now, threats are getting more advanced with increased capabilities thanks to the growth of technologies able to be utilised by cyber criminals, such as AI. To combat this increase in complexity, security teams need to do the same.


“With the growth of AI-powered threats, organisations need the capability to respond immediately and recover faster,” said the regional vice-president for ANZ at Palo Alto Networks, Steve Manley.

“Unit 42’s combination of incident response experience with our AI-powered solutions enables our incident responders to process and analyse large volumes of data faster and more efficiently.

“As a result, we can identify patterns and potential threats before an attack occurs, reducing the time between detecting and resolving incidents for organisations.”

Unit 42’s Digital Forensics and Incident Response covers a range of services, including assessments of an organisation’s cyber readiness for ransomware attacks, network security preparedness evaluations through penetration testing, round-the-clock managed threat hunting and 24/7 managed detection and response.

Unit 42 is known as the world-leading service for incident response and is engaged by major corporations that have suffered from attacks. Made up of world-renowned threat researchers and elite incident responders and security consultants, the service is on the approved vendor panel of over 70 major cyber security insurance carriers.

“No other security vendor in the industry can match Palo Alto Networks’ telemetry or our breadth of products to stop attacks in real-time,” said the senior vice-president of Palo Alto Networks Unit 42, Wendi Whitmore.

“We analyse data from thousands of customers globally, generating over 500 billion daily events. This massive dataset enables responders to contextualise threats and respond effectively.

“Coupled with our expertise in cloud threats, SOC automation, and network security, this advanced intelligence helps companies recover and emerge stronger than before.”

More information on Palo Alto and its Unit 42 Digital Forensics and Incident Response Service can be found on its website.

Daniel Croft

Daniel Croft

Born in the heart of Western Sydney, Daniel Croft is a passionate journalist with an understanding for and experience writing in the technology space. Having studied at Macquarie University, he joined Momentum Media in 2022, writing across a number of publications including Australian Aviation, Cyber Security Connect and Defence Connect. Outside of writing, Daniel has a keen interest in music, and spends his time playing in bands around Sydney.

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