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How can a company improve its cyber security?

If your business depends on the internet and digital programs for its operations, you should know how to protect your information from hackers or unauthorised users.

user icon Nicole Comendador
Tue, 07 Feb 2023
How can a company improve its cyber security?
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The importance of cyber security cannot be understated. This article will explain ways to improve cyber security by implementing protocols to prevent data breaches from happening.

How can a company improve its cyber security?

Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and dangerous, and by having safeguards and working with other companies to prevent these attacks, you can keep your company and stakeholders safe.

The best way to ensure that your company's data is secure and protected from cyber attacks is to hire a professional. But when that’s not possible, you can get started by making sure all employees understand the importance of having a strong password policy in place and being aware of how easy it is for hackers or criminals with bad intentions to access computers via Wi-Fi networks or other means.


You can also train all of your employees on what constitutes high-risk behaviour when it comes down to information security practices, like using email addresses with personal names instead of generic ones. Lastly, make sure everyone knows how important it is not only to protect themselves but also their families too!

Now, let’s get down to some specifics on how businesses can lower their cyber security risk:

#1: Improve network security

Use a firewall and data encryption to protect your internet connection. Everybody has days when going to the workplace just doesn't seem as productive as going to a nearby coffee shop. Connecting to a free Wi-Fi network may be convenient, but the security of your company may suffer as a result.

When you connect to an unprotected network, hackers have access to your systems. Invest in a good portable hotspot and establish a safe Wi-Fi network. By doing this, the network name or the Service Set Identifier (SSID) won’t be broadcasted.

#2: Boost password security and change them frequently

It goes without saying that passwords should be used to secure computer networks, but if you want to maximise password security, you need to pay attention to more than just weird number and letter combinations.

Consider requiring multi-factor authentication, which needs more than just a password to obtain access. Encourage your systems to enforce frequent password changes. Protecting your data is important.

#3: Inspect employee devices

You may lack the funds to buy computers, smartphones, and tablets for your staff, so you do the next best thing: allow them to access business data and systems using their own devices.

If this is the case, don't be hesitant to put rules into place that give your network administrator access to set up automated security upgrades, monitoring software, and regular password changes. Rest assured that violating someone's privacy is not necessary; rather, the protection of your company comes first.

#4: Data access restrictions

It can take a lot of effort and can be intrusive to monitor every employee's online activity. Establish standards or a policy to provide instruction on how workers should protect personally identifiable information and other sensitive data to reduce some of the hassles of monitoring online interactions.

Consider restricting access to information, requiring multiple passwords, encryption, security questions, two-factor authentication etc. Ensure that your staff are aware of the repercussions of breaking your company's cyber security standards.

#5: Hold personnel responsible

Inform your staff about online dangers and how to safeguard company data. Social networking may be a fantastic tool for generating leads and consumers, but it's crucial to understand how to share information without endangering your account.

Employees need to know how to publish online successfully without giving out any trade secrets to the general public or rival companies. Holding your staff responsible for adhering to your internet security policies and procedures may seem like a minor concern, but it can make a big impact.


Every organisation needs to invest in cyber security technology if they want their business operations to succeed in the long term.

Companies must implement security protocols to safeguard data from being compromised by hackers or other unauthorised users, so they can operate businesses without any risks of data breaches.

They should also include anti-virus and firewalls as part of their system because these are security measures that protect against viruses and hackers trying to access your system.

A cyber security threat is a serious issue that needs to be resolved immediately. It is not just about protecting your company from hackers but also from other types of threats like poor network performance and data loss that can affect the success of your business operations.

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