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IT shortage threatens Australian businesses, report finds

A recent global report has indicated that the scale of industry transformation has left companies unable to hire the right technical staff, threatening their businesses.

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Fri, 11 Nov 2022
IT shortage threatens Australian businesses, report finds
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Recent research from Equinix Inc has indicated that IT leaders are worried about gaps in the talent pool threatening the viability of their businesses.

With 65 per cent of IT decision-makers worried about the business impacts of technological talent shortages, the company’s 2022 Global Tech Trends Survey has found that businesses have turned to reskilling staff from other areas to fill the gaps.

Professionals from administration and business, and transportation and warehousing, have been employed to fill absences in IT, cloud computing and data analysis.


The shortages both indicate worsening talent acquisition across industry.

“The survey reveals unmatched skill sets are hampering talent acquisition across tech-focused teams globally. There is an overall lack of understanding about the specific skills needed for certain roles, and potential candidates need better guidance around training, preparation, and job opportunities,” Brandi Galvin Morandi, chief legal and HR officer at Equinix, said.

“This challenge hands our industry the opportunity to recruit and develop talent in different ways, and this is something we’ve been working to get ahead of in the past few years. We believe companies should foster a progressive talent development roadmap for tech roles that caters for both inexperienced and trained candidates.

“Another opportunity is mentorship programs — helping potential candidates gain access to an established network for career guidance, while connecting companies with suitable candidates for a robust talent pool.

“We also encourage higher education and vocational training institutions to work with tech teams within companies to ensure their curriculum imparts the right skills to students and prepares them for their desired careers,” Morandi concluded.

Amid the talent shortages, companies have turned to recruiting from education institutions, including collaborating with universities, offering internships and grants.

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