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It’s time to address your cyber health

The concept of personal well-being has never been more popular and there is a slew of new technologies to help us track and achieve it. Can we take this same approach to the health of our cyber security?

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Wed, 26 Oct 2022
It’s time to address your cyber health
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People the world over are finding new ways to prioritise their health, organise their lives and clear their minds. We’ve moved well beyond the occasional visit to the doctor to apps that track our activity and guide our nutrition, and watches that monitor our heart rate and stress levels. More than ever, our health is in our hands.

Gallagher has carried this self-help approach through to their security system, Command Centre, with the creation of Security Health Check (SHC). The aim of this free tool is to empower customers to easily understand and address cyber vulnerabilities that could reside within their security systems, ultimately bringing peace of mind.

Forewarned is forearmed

Identifying and understanding cyber vulnerabilities is the first step to cyber well-being.

Gallagher’s Security Health Check utility allows you to run a check on your Command Centre system at any time. Based on the results, a simple and easy to understand summary report is generated that assesses the severity of threats and recommends specific actions you can take to mitigate risk. With this knowledge comes the power to respond to emerging risks that may occur even when you haven’t made changes to your system. From here you can prioritise resource allocation to address the most critical risks first.

Just as we might track our exercise to see the gains we are making in our health and fitness; Security Health Check provides all the data you need to track the state of your security system over time to ensure your overall score is improving.

Prevention is the best cyber cure

With our personal health – identifying and resolving issues before they become a bigger problem is encouraged, and it is no different with cyber health. Checking in regularly to ensure configuration is correct can save a lot of pain in the long run and reduce the need for expensive and time-consuming manual audits.

Security Health Check allows automated auditing of your Gallagher Command Centre configuration, so you can nip vulnerabilities in the bud before they take hold. It also identifies hardware that is no longer supported and ensures data transmissions are secure with encryption and authentication between devices. You can also keep tabs on users of your system who make have blank, default, or predictable passwords.

Cyber health, but make it simple

That all-consuming health fad that you commit to for eight weeks, can lose it’s shine pretty quickly if it doesn’t fit easily into your working, family, or social life. We need solutions that fit seamlessly into our way of life. That’s why Gallagher’s Security Health Check is designed as an automated audit solution that’s easy to implement. You can significantly reduce the time spent on assessing cyber risks within your security system and save money by eliminating the need for expensive manual audits from third-party consultants. Instead, simply can run the SHC utility on site, as often as needed, and view the raw data immediately.

If data is not your thing no need to fret - Gallagher analyses the summary data and creates a succinct, easy to understand report within one business day. The SHC report includes a health score, any identified issues, recommendations to improve the score, and changes since the previous check to monitor how your system is tracking.

The SHC report prioritises issues and recommendations to help you plan upgrades effectively and supports funding approval. All importantly, the report also helps ensure compliance with Government cyber security standards and can be used to demonstrate compliance activities to meet ISO accreditation requirements.

Security Health Check is free of charge to all Gallagher customers. It is designed in keeping with the philosophy that the very best defence for cyber security is the right knowledge and tools to identify and remedy potential vulnerabilities.

Because when it comes to cyber security – knowledge really is power.

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