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Secure Code Warrior launch Coding Labs

Secure Code Warrior has unveiled Coding Labs, a new mechanism that allows developers to more easily move from learning to applying secure coding knowledge, leading to fewer vulnerabilities in code.

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Fri, 23 Sep 2022
Secure Code Warrior launch Coding Labs
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Secure Code Warrior's new offering is designed in a unique tiered learning approach, which aims to build on confidence in developers to advance their secure coding skills and shift left in their software development lifecycles for the betterment of their organisations.

According to Pieter Danhieux, co-founder and CEO of Secure Code Warrior, this is the future of vulnerability mitigation.

“We found that 40 per cent of developers don't believe they’re receiving enough hands-on training from their current tools and resources.


"We've set out to fundamentally change that.

"Coding Labs enables developers to learn in an environment that simulates the way they work and in turn, will see them more confidently write secure code," Danhieux said.

Secure Code Warrior provides hands-on training and intuitive guidance that developers have come to appreciate on the company's learning platform that carries over to Coding Labs.

Accessible on the platform through its library of training solutions, Coding Labs allows developers to write real code at their desired pace in familiar integrated development environments (IDEs) and receive real-time feedback to ensure they are learning the necessary skills to prevent introducing security vulnerabilities into their code.

This marks the first time a coding-specific platform has enabled real-time coding in an in-browser IDE.

Until now, to get more direct real-coding training experience, developers have needed to rely on virtualised set-ups that can be difficult to use and unfamiliar, leading to less applicable learning experiences.

Coding Labs is designed to enable developers to not only save time and eliminate distractions, but also gives developers more options that align to their diverse learning styles while making it easier to go from learning to doing.

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