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WA-based Barrett Communications acquired by Motorola Solutions

Based in Perth, Barrett Communications provides high and very high frequency radio equipment used by civil society, border security, coast guard and private customers.

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Mon, 15 Aug 2022
WA-based Barrett Communications acquired by Motorola Solutions
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According to a release from Motorola Solutions, the infrastructure-free design of the technology is “ideal” for security, peacekeeping, humanitarian and natural disaster missions.

It is expected that Motorola Solutions’ acquisition of the mission-critical radio equipment provider will enhance the company’s international radio portfolio.

“Motorola Solutions and Barrett Communications are united in their purpose of delivering the vital communications that organisations around the world depend on to help further safety,” Mark Schmidl, senior vice president, international sales, Motorola Solutions, said.


“Barrett brings us a new portfolio of communications capabilities beyond traditional land mobile radio, allowing us to support highly specialised operations.”

Motorola Solutions confirmed that the acquisition is evidence of the company’s ongoing commitment to building its portfolio across international markets.

"We are excited to join the Motorola Solutions team,” Andrew Burt, CEO, Barrett Communications, said.

“We look forward to building upon Motorola Solutions’ industry-leading portfolio, extending critical voice communications to support essential operations, humanitarian work and disaster response and recovery.”

The release did not disclose the terms of the transaction.

Just last year, Barrett Communications rolled out its new 4020 HF Radio Mailbox, which leverages new technologies to deliver Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) services over high-frequency (HF) radio to a user’s smart device.

The platform was built to address the demand for mobile email communications across a range of environments, including remote and isolated locations connected only by HF radio.

According to Barrett, end users can access emails from smartphones, tablets or laptops with established email platforms, such as Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail. Other platforms, however, require users to run PC-based applications to send and receive Post Office Protocol (POP) or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) email via HF radio.

To operate Barrett’s new 4020 HF Radio Mailbox, users link their smart device to the platform’s inbuilt Wi-Fi hotspot, synchronising their mail account. Mail received by the platform is then automatically synchronised with the user’s device, with outgoing mail sent via the HF radio using automatic link establishment to the radio gateway and on to the private/public domain mail server.

The firm also referenced the platform’s small size, which it stated makes it adaptable to a wide range of base station, mobile and "manpack applications.

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