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Fastly and HUMAN Security aim to stop bot attacks and fraud

Fastly has entered into a reseller partnership with HUMAN Security, designed to combine bot detection and remediation alongside web app and API security to enhance protection.

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Fri, 05 Aug 2022
Fastly and HUMAN Security aim to stop bot attacks and fraud
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To keep cyber criminals out of online applications and services, the Fastly-HUMAN partnership aims to offer customers bot protection as well as fraud and account abuse prevention.

Fastly’s Next-Gen unified WAF provides a high-efficacy solution with the widest range of deployment options on the market with unmatched flexibility, rapid deployment, and tooling integrations. Customers will be able to have access to all the benefits of Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF, paired with HUMAN's bot protection and remediation capabilities.

In response to the rapid growth of bot-based cyber attacks, Lakshmi Sharma, chief product and strategy officer at Fastly, explained that it was imperative for Fastly to offer customers a world-class bot detection solution to complement Signal Sciences-powered Next-Gen WAF.


"HUMAN will not only help safeguard Fastly customers from bot attacks and fraud, but also help increase ROI while decreasing data contamination and cyber security exposure.

"Together with HUMAN, we’re helping our valued customers protect what matters most: their users and their assets," Sharma said.

Bot attacks, otherwise known as automated online attacks, can wreak havoc on a business' bottom line and disrupt digital experiences. Three out of four online attacks today are by bots, including events like account takeover, payment fraud and content manipulation.

Bad bots also consume resources and overwhelm organisations, accounting for at least a quarter of all internet traffic. HUMAN leverages modern defence to verify the humanity of more than 15 trillion interactions per week to combat this threat for some of the largest companies and internet platforms.

According to HUMAN co-founder and CEO Tamer Hassan, it's important for businesses to protect their customers, revenue, and operational efficiencies by safeguarding against cyber criminal organisations that use sophisticated bots as their weapon of choice now, more than ever.

"As an example of the cyber risks businesses face, a global e-commerce company had implemented a bot management solution to protect its digital purchasing experience, but bots were still getting through – taking over customer accounts.

"With the implementation of HUMAN’s the Human Defense Platform and Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF, these attacks were stopped, the cyber criminal organisation was disrupted, and the customer experience and company’s brand reputation were protected.

"We look forward to deploying our modern defences – including internet observability, collective protection, and actionable threat intelligence – to complement Fastly’s sophisticated security suite, resulting in fully protected customers," Hassan said.

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