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Rapid7 introduces new InsightCloudSec capabilities

Rapid7, a security analytics and automation company, has announced “new layered context capabilities”, updating the company’s InsightCloudSec offering.

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Wed, 27 Jul 2022
Rapid7 introduces new InsightCloudSec capabilities
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Rapid7's fully integrated cloud-native security platform (CNSP) is set to provide security teams a consolidated, unified and real-time view of risk signals, including misconfigurations and public exposure, across their environment by the addition of layered context functionality.

The new capabilities are designed to seamlessly consolidate risk signals into a unified view that aims to speed up prioritisation, notification and remediation of critical risks in a cloud environment.

According to Lee Weiner, chief innovation officer at Rapid7, security teams face growing challenges as cloud adoption increases in speed and complexity.


"In order to enable secure adoption of cloud technologies, security teams need the right context and visibility around their security data.

"With layered context, security teams are provided a unified, contextualised view of their risk in a single place, ultimately enabling companies to accelerate and innovate at scale," Weiner said.

Security teams often end up stitching together multiple point solutions to keep up with the adoption of cloud technologies within their organisations. This leaves teams with limited understanding of risk in their cloud including services, hosts, containers and server-less environments.

The reduction and management of risks found in cloud security becomes extremely difficult and time consuming, as a result.

The introduction of layered context to InsightCloudSec provides organisations with a consolidated, resource-oriented view of the most critical risks in their environment, enabling them to more effectively prioritise and remediate issues, improving cloud security through continuous security and compliance.

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