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Italian tax office reportedly hit by LockBit 3.0 hack

The LockBit ransomware gang has reportedly hacked L’Agenzia delle Entrate, Italys tax office, imposing a ransom deadline on 1 August.

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Wed, 27 Jul 2022
Italian tax office reportedly hit by LockBit 3.0 hack
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LockBit has claimed they stole 100GB of data which include contracts, financial reports, scans and company documents. The ransomware gang has imposed a deadline to receive the ransom by 1 August on the Italian tax office, threatening to leak the documents online if L’Agenzia delle Entrate does not pay by that date. The amount of ransom requested has not been disclosed.

According to local reports in Italy, the security breach was revealed by Pierguido Iezzi, CEO of Swascan, Tinexta Group's cyber security arm.

In an official statement posted on the Italian revenue office's website, it stated "the alleged theft of data from the tax information system" outlining that it requested for feedback and further information from the Sogei (Società Generale d'Informatica) SpA, a ministry of economy and finance public company managing the government financial agency's IT infrastructure.


Other Italian agencies' IT infrastructure are also managed by Sogei SpA, like the State Attorney General, ministries of justice, interior, and education, and the Department of the Treasury.

According to a BleepingComputer report, a Sogei SpA spokesperson has affirmed that a preliminary investigation revealed "there are no cyber attacks on the financial administration's technological platforms and infrastructures".

"It is not possible to provide further details as investigations are ongoing," the Sogei SpA spokesperson said.

Italy's National Cybersecurity Agency and the police are working with the Italian tax office in an "ongoing investigation".

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