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‘9 to 5’ out, flexible work in — professionals say

A recent report released by HR Leader and The Access Group has revealed that 88 per cent of professionals prefer flexible and outcome-focused work, rather than the traditional ‘9 to 5’.

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Tue, 26 Jul 2022
‘9 to 5’ out, flexible work in — professionals say
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Editor’s note: This story originally appeared on Cyber Security Connects sister brand, HR Leader.

According to a recent report, 88 per cent of professionals have stated that working in an outcome-focused environment, as opposed to the traditional “clock-in/clock-out” workplace, is preferred for generating optimal business outcomes.

The Evolution of Leadership Report 2022, which questioned more than 1,000 Australian professionals, also found that staff are increasingly shunning micromanagement and “task-focused” delegation.


The report, which you can download here, was created by new HR brand, HR Leader and business management software provider The Access Group.

It dives into how people work most effectively, what makes a good leader and how the role is changing, and the HR and management interventions in a leader’s toolkit to keep people engaged while performing and developing.

In terms of optimising leadership, the findings outlined that 62 per cent of professionals considered communication the most important trait for leaders followed by inspiring employees on 15 per cent.

John Maley, HR director at The Access Group commented in the report, “COVID-19 has accelerated some of the usually evolving workplace changes, including an expectation that employees can work remotely and be effective. Whilst that may have been the sort of change that developed over a decade or more, it has been forced upon us.

“Additionally, how we are emerging from COVID-19, with a stifling of the labour market supply, is also causing a seismic change in the way we approach managing our colleagues and teams. The war for talent can seldom have been fiercer.”

“Unless an employee is very junior or new to a role, micromanaging and task-focused delegation is out, and divesting of outcome and output responsibility is in,” said HR Leader’s editor, Shandel McAuliffe.

“The Evolution of Leadership Report 2022 gets to the heart of what it means to be a leader, what’s expected of HR in terms of supporting business leaders, and how the roles are changing. It’s a very interesting time to be in HR and leadership.”

The full report contains insights from The Access Group, brand-new HR and leadership brand, HR Leader, as well as leadership and workplace relations specialists. Backed by a comprehensive survey, the report is a must read for HR, people leaders and line managers alike.

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