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NATO cyber attack rapid response program established

The US is set to offer “robust national capabilities” to support a new NATO program designed to coordinate rapid response to cyber attacks.

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Tue, 05 Jul 2022
NATO cyber attack rapid response program established
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According to a White House fact sheet, NATO member countries have agreed to create a new program to quickly respond to cyber attacks at the NATO summit in Madrid.

In a new strategy document, NATO reaffirmed a 2021 commitment that a cyber attack could – but would not automatically – trigger Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, which would make it an attack against the alliance as a whole. It formally recognised threats in cyber space posed by Russia and China. NATO's command structure will be updated to reflect new cyber threats. To counter threats, NATO also pledged to work with the private sector.

After months of Russian cyber attacks hitting Ukraine as part of Russia's invasion, the announcement of the new voluntary program named the "virtual rapid response cyber capability" comes amid concerns that Moscow may move to target the US and other NATO countries in retaliation for assistance to Ukraine.

On the condition of anonymity, officials told Politico prior to the strategy's release that the updated NATO strategy will include over $1 billion to fund research into emerging technologies including quantum computing and artificial intelligence.

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