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Defence firms unveil new cyber resilience framework

A standardised cyber resilience framework has been established to help facilitate work opportunities for SMEs in the defence space.

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Tue, 14 Jun 2022
Defence firms unveil new cyber resilience framework
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Saab Australia and BAE Systems Australia have jointly formed the Cyber Framework for the Defence Industry (CFDI) — a new mechanism aimed at bolstering the cyber resilience of local SMEs exploring work opportunities in the defence industry.

The CFDI — developed in collaboration with the Centre for Defence Industry Capability and the Australian Cyber Security Centre — provides a standardised approach to cyber maturity assessment, while also offering guidance for strengthening cyber security practices.

The framework has reportedly been adopted by 12 prime contractors.


According to Saab Australia managing director Andy Keough, the new framework would help improve access to the defence supply chain for local businesses.

“Currently SMEs face a different and complex security assessment process each time they work with a different defence prime,” Keough said.

“In developing this framework, we have reduced red tape, making it easier for SMEs to secure opportunities in the defence sector.

“By the very nature of their size, many SMEs do not have the resources or expertise to upskill in information handling or cyber protection to meet defence requirements. This framework gives them a clear roadmap to gaining the required levels of cyber maturity.”

BAE Systems Australia chief information and digital officer Michael Salas noted the importance of broadening work opportunities for SMEs.

“The Cyber Framework is a great start for SMEs wanting to self-assess their level of cyber risk,” he said.

“They can undertake a quick assessment of their cyber maturity which then leads to the identification of key areas to invest and improve a company’s defences.

“This leads to improving the cyber maturity of our defence supply chain and better outcomes for our client.”

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