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CyberRes acquires Debricked, expands software supply chain security

CyberRes has announced the acquisition of Debricked, a developer-centric open source intelligence company aimed at innovating how organisations secure their software supply chain for today and the future.

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Wed, 16 Mar 2022
CyberRes acquires Debricked, expands software supply chain security
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The addition of the cloud-native software composition analysis platform and artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities further drive CyberRes’ strategy in the future of software resilience and DevSecOps.

These aligned capabilities, combined with their vision of how developers evaluate, consume and secure open source components customised to their organisation’s need, make Debricked an extremely valuable addition to CyberRes’ application security portfolio.

According to Tony de la Lama, VP product management at Micro Focus, nearly 90 per cent of companies are developing software using open source components to accelerate their development speed to keep pace with business demands, which comes with accelerated risk.


“Our aim is to invest in and build solutions that allow organisations to secure their applications while maintaining the speed of development.

“Debricked is uniquely positioned in the market with their portfolio of solutions to address open source security and adds to an already robust portfolio in CyberRes to secure the software supply chain,” de la Lama said.

Debrickeds SaaS solution enables more intelligent selection of open source while drastically reducing the risks typically associated with it, both core requirements of modern DevSecOps programs. The service runs on state-of-the-art machine learning, which enables the data quality to be extremely accurate as well as instantly updated whenever a new vulnerability is discovered. High precision, combined with developer-focused user experience (UX) and unique abilities to customise the service to your companys needs, makes Debricked unique in the world of open source security and positioned for accelerated growth.

Daniel Wisenhoff, CEO and co-founder of Debricked, further explained that combining the existing team with an industry-leading organisation accelerates Debricked’s journey.

We are excited at becoming a part of Micro Focus and CyberRes.

We are also excited at the opportunity to present our customers with a full scale, robust security offering, Wisenhoff said.

Key attributes of Debricked technologies include:

  • Open source intelligence: With their latest innovation, Open Source Select, Debricked aims to make searching and comparing open source packages faster. By providing an in-depth analysis of the community health and offering contextualisation, developers can make much more informed decisions.
  • Security vulnerabilities: Continuously and automatically identify, fix and prevent vulnerabilities in open source dependencies. Scan at every commit and get notified when new vulnerabilities appear.
  • License compliance: Ensure and maintain open source compliance with automated and enforceable pipeline rules, along with enabling creation of software bill of materials (SBOMs). Calculate risk levels for repositories based on intended use.

CyberRes aims to build the most complete portfolio that has the capability to help enterprises prepare for, respond to and recover from cyber threats. With this acquisition, Micro Focus continues to show strong commitment and continued investment to security and the ability to help customers and partners improve their cyber resilience posture.

This additional investment includes a series of acquisitions made over the last two years, which strengthened their robust portfolio of security solutions, all focused on delivering business and technical outcomes to support cyber resilience. The latest example of how these investments come together is the recent launch of Galaxy, an immersive cyber threat experience built for chief information security officers and analysts.

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