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Checkmarx launches ANZ cloud-based application security testing platform

To help developers in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) rapidly test, remediate and secure their application coding, Checkmarx announced that it is now offering the Checkmarx AST Platform in the region.

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Fri, 11 Mar 2022
Checkmarx launches ANZ cloud-based application security testing platform
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According to Mark Priebatsch, regional director, Australia and New Zealand at Checkmarx, the company has observed clients in Australia migrate rapidly to the cloud and is anticipating the growing demand for their end-to-end AppSec platform for cloud-native application security.

"We’re committed to the ANZ region and look forward to helping organisations implement comprehensive application security for years to come," Priebatsch said.

Research has shown that adoption of multi-cloud technologies by Australian companies is already at 39 percent, higher than the global average of 36 percent, and is predicted to grow even more to 66 percent this year.


The Checkmarx AST Platform is delivered from the cloud and designed to support on-premises, cloud and hybrid development environments. The platform is designed to improve code security throughout the software development life cycle and ensures the software remains secure from a developer’s first code commit through the push to production.

The AST Platform offers a single solution spanning the complex landscape of custom code, open source components, Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) deployments, and open source supply chain, allowing application code to be more efficiently and effectively secured.

Integrated main solutions today include:

  • Checkmarx SAST, which automatically scans at the source code level for vulnerabilities early in the development life cycle, providing essential guidance and context to help developers and engineers resolve vulnerabilities.
  • Checkmarx SCA, a software composition analysis solution designed to help development teams manage open source vulnerability and licence risk.
  • Checkmarx Codebashing, a flexible, focused, gamified training platform to teach developers how to code more securely.
  • KICS by Checkmarx, a scalable, open source solution that automatically parses common IaC files of any type to detect insecure configurations that could expose applications, data or services to attack.

Priebatsch emphasises that the benefit of having a cloud-based solution is that clients can be onboarded quickly and easily.

"Our customers want something simple and effective, and part of the service is to ensure speed of delivery so that it won’t take away developers’ time on their core work."

The Checkmarx AST Platform delivers a comprehensive, cloud-based solution to accelerate secure, modern application development. A further benefit of the Checkmarx AST Platform is that the workload can be processed on servers in Australia and New Zealand, designed to address any concerns of data sovereignty.

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