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Samsung data leaked by LAPSUS$ hacking group

Around 190 GB of sensitive Samsung data has been reportedly leaked by a group of online hackers known as LAPSUS$.

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Mon, 07 Mar 2022
Samsung data leaked by LAPSUS$ hacking group
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The leaked data allegedly included source code for a variety of Samsung and Qualcomm technologies, with the LAPSUS$ hacking group reportedly claiming to have also leaked “algorithms for all biometric unlock operations”.

LAPSUS$ recently leaked data stolen from Nvidia and has reportedly published what it describes as “confidential Samsung source code”.

According to a BleepingComputer report, LAPSUS$ has leaked an estimated 190 GB of data that reportedly included source code for Trusted Applets used by the TrustZone environment, boot loaders for recent Samsung devices, and technologies associated with Samsung accounts.


Samsung has not yet responded to the LAPSUS$ hacking claims, which leaves the hacking group's claims unverified nor confirmed.

Previously, LAPSUS$ stole confidential information from Nvidia and have also reportedly leaked source code related to Nvidia's DLSS technology.

When the company didn’t respond to its request for a ransom, LAPSUS$ tried to sell a tool it claims was capable of bypassing cryptocurrency mining limits on recent graphics cards for $1 million.

It is not clear if LAPSUS$ is seeking a similar ransom from Samsung, if the hacking group has compromised additional data that hasn’t yet been made publicly available, or how the company was breached.

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