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VeroGuard receives Common Criteria certification for VeroGuard Platform

Local cyber security firm VeroGuard Systems confirmed that it has become one of three Australian companies to market a Common Criteria product, opening new defence and security customers for the company.

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Mon, 21 Feb 2022
VeroGuard receives Common Criteria certification for VeroGuard Platform
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Australian cyber security firm VeroGuard Systems has confirmed that their offering, VeroGuard Platform, had received the Common Criteria certification allowing the company to market the platform to defence and sensitive industries.

According to the company, the VeroGuard Platform utilises the same telecommunications capabilities as guided missiles to securely transmit data and information. This is achieved by using hardware security module (HSM) to HSM communications as the basis for a secure digital identity platform, with a personal HSM (known as VeroCard) and PIN used to ensure a user’s identity.

“VeroGuard is proud to be an Australian company, providing cutting-edge sovereign technology to the market which is currently dominated by global companies,” Daniel Elbaum, chairman and co-chief executive officer at VeroGuard said.


“Common Criteria certification provides our customers confidence that they cannot get better protection than our platform for verifying who is accessing their systems and data. This is an ‘out of the box’ zero trust solution.”

Recently VeroGuard partnered with leading IT integrator Kyndryl to market the product.

“As the principal Systems Integrator for VeroGuard, Kyndryl welcomes the announcement of Common Criteria Certification for VeroGuard HSM for Open Networks. This represents a standout success of sovereign technology innovation, and demand for a higher level of security authentication, non-repudiable identification, and high attainment of cryptographic security that the Australian Defence and federal government agencies market is seeking,” Collin Penman, Kyndryl partner – cyber security practice A/NZ said.

“Now the technology has been certified, Kyndryl and VeroGuard look forward to expanding on initial deployments and continuing to successfully engage the Australian market and beyond.”

The product is available to all businesses.

“We designed the platform to scale both up and down making it suitable for all organisations that wish to secure themselves and extend their ecosystem, no matter their size. So a small defence sub-contractor can be as secure as a global leader by using our platform,” Elbaum said.

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