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Lockheed Martin Australia taps Leidos Australia for BMS security project

The global contractors have joined forces to develop secure technologies to support the ADF's next-generation battle management system.

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Thu, 09 Dec 2021
Lockheed Martin Australia taps Leidos Australia for BMS security project
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Lockheed Martin Australia (LMA) and Leidos Australia have signed a teaming agreement, which will see the firms jointly design, develop and build advanced secure technologies under the Royal Australian Air Force’s Joint Air Battle Management Systems Project (AIR6500-1).

As part of the collaboration, LMA – which is one of two primes selected to participate in the final competitive phase of AIR6500 Phase 1 Project – will work alongside Leidos Australia to develop capabilities that can be integrated into an open architecture framework, supporting application development for the project.

Specifically, the companies will investigate transformative software factory technologies, enhanced by a number of features, including secure coding, advanced cyber security infrastructure, automated monitoring, continuous deployment, network optimisation and testing.


This is expected to support LMA’s bid to deliver a joint BMS designed to enable the ADF’s future Integrated Air and Missile Defence capability, providing greater situational awareness and defence against current and emerging air and missile threats.

The capability is also tipped to bolster interoperability with coalition partners.

“Lockheed Martin Australia is very proud to team with Leidos Australia,” Lockheed Martin Australia AIR6500 program executive Steve Froelich said.

“For over 70 years, Lockheed Martin Australia has been delivering and sustaining cutting-edge technologies and solutions to help protect Australia’s interests across all-domains in partnership with the ADF and Australian industry.

“We are thrilled to build on those partnerships by teaming with Leidos Australia to combine our next-gen technology expertise with Leidos Australia’s tailored Information Technology services to deliver a revolutionary AIR6500-1 capability that will ensure the ADF can rapidly detect, deter and defend against evolving threats in the 21st century battlefield.”

Froelich pledged to integrating best of breed local technologies, adding that Leidos Australia’s advanced capabilities would help achieve a "truly sovereign solution".

Leidos Australia chief executive Paul Chase welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with Lockheed Martin Australia.

“We’re proud to bring more than 25 years of local experience delivering in-country integration as part of Lockheed’s AIR6500 team,” Chase said.

“This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for Leidos, Lockheed Martin Australia and our industry partners to work with the ADF to transform Australia’s future Joint Air Battle Management capabilities from the ground up.”

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