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Mandiant’s Australian cloud delivery location set to boost defence capability

Mandiant Inc. announced the launch of a cloud-based infrastructure location in Australia that will deliver its Automated Defense capability to local organisations.

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Mon, 22 Nov 2021
Mandiant’s Australian cloud delivery location set to boost defence capability
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The new location will allow organisations that need in-region infrastructure to leverage Mandiant Automated Defense, a powerful tool that augments the ability of Security Operations Centre (SOC) teams to quickly detect and respond to security threats.

The launch strengthens Mandiant’s commitment to support the data sovereignty needs of Australian organisations, allowing them to stay compliant as the regulatory landscape shifts. It also increases the number of organisations that can use Automated Defense, opening the door to sectors operating under strict data sovereignty and compliance requirements.

The Australian infrastructure is one of four new locations that Mandiant is announcing globally, with new capability in Bahrain, Ireland and Singapore to supplement an existing location in the United States.


The announcement was made by Louis Tague, vice-president and managing director of Mandiant Australia and New Zealand who was pleased to see Australia as one of the new cloud-based infrastructure locations for Mandiant.

"... as the business continues to grow and expand its offering globally. We are fully committed to the Australian and New Zealand markets and this announcement provides an opportunity for even more local organisations across a number of sectors to quickly detect and respond to incoming security threats,” Tague said.

Part of the Mandiant Advantage software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, Automated Defense is a scalable SaaS solution that leverages Mandiant’s expert-level threat intelligence to conduct automated alert investigations at machine speed, investigating alerts and prioritising detections while minimising false positives.

This capability enables SOC teams to investigate the most significant threats, simplify security operations at scale and unify security data to prioritise and focus resources. It provides a "virtual analyst", using Mandiant’s market-leading threat intelligence capability to give in-house security teams the upper hand.

In October 2021, Mandiant Automated Defense reduced more than 54 billion customer alerts down to less than 2,300 prioritised investigations, significantly reducing time wasted on chasing false positives.

With the new infrastructure location in Australia, organisations in Australia are able to leverage Mandiant’s leading threat intelligence capability, while keeping all of their most critical data onshore, in line with compliance requirements.

The launch follows news from August 2021, when Mandiant appointed Mark Ellis as country manager in New Zealand, highlighting its continued commitment and investment in local markets.

Ellis is responsible for expanding local presence as well as responding to challenges and opportunities.

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