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Datto unveils new SaaS offering

The data security company has rolled out a new product designed to ward off advanced cyber threats.

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Fri, 15 Oct 2021
Datto unveils new SaaS offering
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Datto has launched ‘SaaS Defense’, its advanced cyber threat protection product, built for managed service providers (MSPs).

The offering is designed to proactively detect and prevent malicious malware, phishing, and business email compromise (BEC) attacks targeting Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams.

“MSPs protect and manage more Microsoft 365 accounts collectively than any one enterprise. This technology will now be put to work to help keep small and medium businesses safe by blocking the number one attack vector – email, and it actually works across the entire Microsoft 365 suite,” Tim Weller, CEO of Datto said.

“We were so confident about the impact this technology will have on MSPs that we wanted to own it and bring the talented minds who created it to work with us on our greater security mission.”

Other touted benefits of the product include:

  • proactive monitoring, detection and elimination of unknown malware threats and phishing attempts;
  • minimising the time to detection by preventing zero-day threats as soon as they are encountered, without manual interference or end-client disruption;
  • reporting capabilities that show why a threat was flagged as malicious without a complex scoring matrix;
  • speedy deployment and management for new clients;
  • integration with Datto SaaS Protection to provide a multi-layered security approach to protect against permanent cloud data loss caused by user error, ransomware, or other security incidents; and
  • time efficiency for MSPs.

"This product is a game-changer for us. We needed a more forensic solution for our clients that quickly and clearly showed why a threat was flagged,” Charles Love at ShowTech Solutions commented.

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