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Security web entangling Australian users

Australians are increasingly likely to abandon technology companies with overzealous security protocols, new research has revealed.

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Wed, 22 Sep 2021
Security web entangling Australian users
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According to a Ping Identity’s Consumer Survey — which polled more than 3,400 consumers across the US, UK, Germany, France and Australia — consumers are increasingly demanding streamlined user experiences.

Of the respondents, 81 per cent abandoned or stopped creating an online account in response to onerous onboarding requirements, including being asked to provide too much personal information (47 per cent), needing too much time to enter information (36 per cent), and too many security steps (34 per cent).

To address these setbacks, 57 per cent of respondents expressed interest in password alternatives like digital ID capability.


Half of surveyed consumers admitted to weak password practices, including making a minor change to an old password (31 per cent) or reusing a password from another account (19 per cent)

Respondents also weighed in on privacy concerns, backing a more transparent model, with 69 per cent stating information is difficult to find.

As such, 84 per cent said they would be interested in learning how online services share their personal information.

Approximately 73 per cent have manually adjusted profile settings to control privacy, with 64 per cent deleting an account over privacy concerns.

“With more options than ever before, businesses now need to integrate their security, privacy and user experience strategies to keep up with modern consumer expectations,” Richard Bird, chief customer information officer at Ping Identity, said.

“Individuals have no hesitations about finding better experiences elsewhere, so companies that prioritise customer experience now will earn loyalty in the long run.”

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