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Barracuda report finds increased number of network breaches

Cloud-based security provider Barracuda found that companies are facing an increased level of sophisticated cyber attacks, while working from home had decreased quality-of-service for employees.

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Mon, 20 Sep 2021
Barracuda report finds increased number of network breaches
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The findings were unveiled in Barracuda's new report, The state of network security in 2021, last week, which undertook a survey of 750 international and Australian IT professionals to identify emerging trends in the cyber security market.

The report uncovered that organisations are facing higher levels of network breaches, in part due to the growing rate of ransomware attacks in the industry spurred by a greater uptake in remote working throughout the pandemic.

The report also found that quality-of-service had also declined as more employees moved to remote work. However, Barracuda determined that the rate of cyber breaches and quality-of-service for employees were linked, with companies that instituted better cyber security procedures also seeing improved employee experience.


Interestingly, some 86 per cent of survey respondents reported that their organisation had been the victim of a cyber breach over the last year. This statistic was more pronounced in organisations that had remote work arrangements, recording a 93 per cent breach rate compared with 63 per cent for businesses that worked from the office.

The threat of ongoing security breaches is likely to remain however, with 96 per cent of survey respondents saying that their devices are connected to a home internet network accessed by other members of their household.

“Organisations are experiencing a high level of network breaches and facing ongoing connectivity and security challenges as they adapt to hybrid work environments,” Tim Jefferson, SVP, engineering for data, networks and application security at Barracuda, said.

“But, they are realising that moving to SaaS applications and the public cloud improves both the user experience and security, so they’re starting to embrace new SASE technologies.”

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