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Rackspace Technology releases new security offering

The multi-cloud technology company has launched a new offering designed to bolster access to cyber security resources.

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Wed, 25 Aug 2021
Rackspace Technology releases new security offering
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Rackspace Technology has officially launched Rackspace Elastic Engineering for Security — built to transform cloud security operations by facilitating access to a team of cyber security and compliance specialists.

This includes teams skilled with cloud migration, and cloud-based app and data security capabilities.

Specifically, the Rackspace Elastic Engineering for Security portfolio integrates:

  • access to a dedicated security pod, which includes an engagement manager, a pod lead and lead architect, security engineer, and compliance expert;
  • resources for the development of cloud security architectures;
  • tools to help define, manage, and validate governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) through advisory scans and assessments for compliance mandates;
  • services that identify, prioritise, and assist with remediation of vulnerabilities, cloud configurations and policies that do not align with industry benchmarks and best practices;
  • direct access to security operations to design and implement security controls; and
  • the provision of 24x7x365 operational support, security technology health monitoring, incident containment support with security automation and pre-defined runbooks, and a security help desk.

“Now more than ever it is critical for organisations to rapidly evolve and efficiently operationalise their cyber security capabilities,” Gary Alterson, Rackspace Technology vice president of security services, said.

“Businesses working with multiple security providers and partners are facing a growing execution and operational management gap. With Rackspace Elastic Engineering for Security, our customers have access to a dedicated partner that has both a deep understanding of their environments and expertise in managing the end-to-end security life cycle.”

According to Rackspace Technology, its pool of specialists hold more than 800 security certifications, including more than 100 cloud security certificates from AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other cloud providers, as well as Global Information Assurance Certifications (GIACs) in cyber defence, digital forensics and incident response, and penetration testing.

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