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Vocus and AWS team-up for ‘Future State’ program

Vocus has announced it has migrated its contact centre platform to Amazon Connect, aimed at delivering a more personalised digital experience for its customers.

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Wed, 11 Aug 2021
Vocus and AWS team-up for ‘Future State’ program
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Vocus, which was recently acquired by a consortium comprised of Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA) and Aware Super, consolidated five disparate call handling platforms with 200 team members into a single platform using Amazon Connect in less than eight weeks to support more than 5,000 customers in Vocus’ enterprise, government, and wholesale business.

Vocus’ contact centre service offers 24x7 assistance for customers such as sales enquiries, customer care, and technical support. By moving to Amazon Connect, Vocus can now consolidate customer information across multiple platforms, and it is a core component in providing team members with a 360-degree view of customers.

The migration to the Amazon Connect platform supports Vocus’ ‘Future State’ program, which has seen Vocus dramatically simplify, modernise, and consolidate its networks and technology systems to improve the customer experience According to Brady Jacobsen, Vocus general manager of digital and customer experience.


“Vocus’ Future State program is transforming the way our customers interact with us. While our Vocus support team members will remain central to service delivery, we are focused on giving enterprise and government customers the choice of self-serving digitally via a richer online experience and through our support teams,” Jacobsen added.

“The pay-as-you-go pricing model of Amazon Connect will also help us to reduce our annual contact centre telecommunications spend, allowing Vocus to invest back into the business and focus on delivering digital solutions providing our customers with a richer experience and a great level of control.

Amazon Connect enables the specialist fibre and network solutions provider's contact centre to proactively scale contact centre operations for rapid response to events such as extreme weather or network interruptions, providing a better experience for customers in need, as well as managing the thousands of calls it receives each month.

Amazon Connect is being progressively integrated with Vocus’ Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, allowing Vocus to capture insights across multiple service channels and to create new digital tools for customers. Amazon Connect features, such as voice and text analysis, will integrate with other CRM features providing Vocus with a complete view of customer interactions and enabling Vocus to deliver a more personalised and proactive service.

According to Jacobsen, the company continues to seek innovative ways to deliver a leading service experience for customers, and this means increasing their control, and offering digital self-service offerings to ensure their interactions can be resolved quickly.

“Customer trust is based on consistently proving to your customers that they can rely on you, your products, and your people to anticipate and meet their needs,” Jacobsen said.

"Amazon Connect helps us deliver this. The insights we are able to uncover from analysing customer calls is helping us to modify the online services and information available to our customers and allow agents to focus on managing complex queries.

"This is an exciting journey for Vocus and gives us more flexibility to add new features such as machine learning capabilities and deliver on our brand promise of ‘Brilliant Made Simple’.”

Amazon Connect is one of the fastest growing services in the history of AWS, and supports customers like Vocus to improve its customer experience capabilities, onboard agents seamlessly, and effectively manage costs during peak periods, Karl Durrance, AWS director of enterprise Australia, added.

“Vocus’ contact centre is a fundamental part of its customer experience strategy, and it’s exciting to support them with the rapid rollout of Amazon Connect to enable frontline agents to respond to critical issues and improve customer experience with every interaction," he said.

"With Amazon Connect, Vocus now has a scalable contact centre solution that can adjust to the changing needs of its enterprise, government and wholesale customers in real-time, deliver more insights and support for agents, while delivering cost efficiencies for the business.”

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Nastasha Tupas

Nastasha Tupas

Nastasha is a Journalist at Momentum Media, she reports extensively across veterans affairs, cyber security and geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific. She is a co-author of a book titled The Stories Women Journalists Tell, published by Penguin Random House. Previously, she was a Content Producer at Verizon Media, a Digital Producer for Yahoo! and Channel 7, a Digital Journalist at Sky News Australia, as well as a Website Manager and Digital Producer at SBS Australia. Nastasha started her career in media as a Video Producer and Digital News Presenter at News Corp Australia.

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