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Deakin University onboards LogMeIn software

New data security software has been adopted by the educational institution to strengthen its digital protections.

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Thu, 22 Jul 2021
Deakin University onboards LogMeIn software
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Deakin University has partnered with cloud-based remote work solutions provider LogMeIn to employ the company’s LastPass software, designed to safeguard sensitive data, records and passwords.

The deal was struck after the university found that staff were not using secure methods to store and share sensitive information, including personally identifiable information.

The new software offers a single, central location for users to store data, including credentials, passport numbers, banking details and private notes.


“We needed a password management solution that was user-friendly and didn’t require a lot of effort to deploy, and LastPass was the perfect answer as it was easy for both technical and non-technical users, and was comprehensive and universal,” Dushyant Sattiraju, cyber security operations team lead at Deakin University, said.

“Thanks to LastPass, we have a newfound ability to safeguard users’ sensitive data, records and passwords, and they can rest assured knowing their personal information is safely protected against data breaches and hackers.”

The software is also designed to help users better understand password strengths, the risk around privileged accounts, and how often people repeat passwords.

“Deakin University needed a far-reaching solution to protect the sensitive data of a wide range of users, and we are very pleased to have delivered a result that meets all of their needs,” Lindsay Brown, vice president APAC and Japan at LogMeIn, added.

“LastPass offers a hands-free, comprehensive solution to password management used by over 70,000 businesses worldwide, and we are excited to add such a leader in world-class tertiary education to that list.”

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