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Australian Cyber Security Centre issues urgent warning for Click Studios’ Passwordstate users

The Australian Cyber Security Centre has issued an urgent warning for people who have updated Click Studios’ Passwordstate, outlining that they may have been compromised with a malware package.

user icon Liam Garman
Wed, 28 Apr 2021
Australian Cyber Security Centre issues urgent warning for Click Studios’ Passwordstate users
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Australia-based Click Studios confirmed that users may have been exposed to malware through the company’s software update for the program Passwordstate, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) warned Australians this week.

The ACSC warned that users who downloaded the software update for the Passwordstate program between set dates may have unknowingly downloaded malware. If the malware is activates, it would compromise that password management tool.

"If executed, the malware leads to the compromise of the customer’s Passwordstate instance, giving the malicious actor access to all passwords stored in Passwordstate, and creates the opportunity for follow-on malicious activity," the ACSC warned.


In a series of public comments, Click Studios outlined that the “number of affected customers … is still very low”.

The times at which the malware was downloadable was between 20 April and 22 April 2021.

“Only customers that performed In-Place Upgrades between the times stated above are believed to be affected. We have taken down our blog and forum sites as a precaution. We confirm there was only one modified Passwordstate file. If customers are unsure about performing manual upgrades they should hold off until further notice,” the statement continued.

The company has taken down their blog and forum as a precaution to any additional malware.

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Liam Garman

Liam Garman

Liam Garman is the editor of leading Australian security and defence publications Cyber Daily and Defence Connect. 

Liam began his career as a speech writer at New South Wales Parliament before working for world leading campaigns and research agencies in Sydney and Auckland. Throughout his career, Liam has managed and executed a range of international media and communications campaigns spanning politics, business, industrial relations and infrastructure. He’s since shifted his attention to researching and writing extensively on geopolitics and defence, specifically in North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Sydney and a Masters of Strategy and Security from UNSW Canberra, with a thesis on postmodernism and disinformation operations. 

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