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CyberArk launches new offensive security tool

The firm has announced the rollout of a new tool, used to test organisations’ cyber resilience.

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Thu, 15 Apr 2021
CyberArk launches new offensive security tool
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CyberArk has launched Kubesploit, an open-source tool used for testing Kubernetes environments.

The tool is expected to assist penetration testers and ‘Red Teamers’ in performing a “comprehensive and in-depth test”, which mimics real-world attack scenarios.

According to CyberArk, the simulated attack would determine corporate resilience across the network by testing its cyber event management protocols.

“This can help the organisation learn how to operate when real attacks happen; see if other detection systems work as expected; and understand what changes should be made. As an offensive tool, Kubesploit meets these requirements,” CyberArk noted.

The firm has already developed two open-source tools (KubiScan and kubeletctl) related to Kubernetes, but sought to develop Kubesploit to create a single, centralised tool rather than creating separate projects.

CyberArk developed new modules related to containerised environment attack vectors, and is expected to add more modules in the future, supporting contributions for new modules related to Kubernetes and containerised environments in general.

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