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CrowdStrike bolsters Falcon platform

The cyber security firm has rolled out new features designed to accelerate operational responses to cyber threats.

user icon Charbel Kadib
Thu, 11 Mar 2021
CrowdStrike bolsters Falcon platform
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CrowdStrike has announced enhancements to the CrowdStrike Falcon platform, which aim to improve security operations centre (SOC) efficiency by automating full-cycle incident responses with new notification workflows and real time response (RTR) capabilities.

The enhanced platform is supported by a new user interface (UI), which enables analysts to visualise the relationship between detections and incidents.

According to the firm, this allows analysts to update an incident and its associated detections at the same time.


Specifically, the new features enable users to:

  • configure custom actions and notifications, based on events, triggers and thresholds, which can reduce mean time to respond and remediate threat detections;
  • automate repetitive manual tasks to enable faster context and response or automate mitigation actions; and
  • enable analysts to visualise and identify individual detections as being a part of an incident, streamline team assignments and contain all impacted hosts.

“Security teams today are overwhelmed by the expanded attack volume, disparate alert notifications and complex security workflows,” Patrick McCormack, senior vice president of cloud engineering at CrowdStrike, said.

“CrowdStrike has always focused on improving the efficacy and speed of security operations. These new capabilities enable teams to orient more quickly to the detections and incidents that matter and to handle known situations with automation, reducing workload overhead and alert fatigue.

“The right teams now get the right information via the right tools with less distractions for faster and more focused triage and response.”

Charbel Kadib

Charbel Kadib

News Editor – Defence and Security, Momentum Media

Prior to joining the defence and aerospace team in 2020, Charbel was news editor of The Adviser and Mortgage Business, where he covered developments in the banking and financial services sector for three years. Charbel has a keen interest in geopolitics and international relations, graduating from the University of Notre Dame with a double major in politics and journalism. Charbel has also completed internships with The Australian Department of Communications and the Arts and public relations agency Fifty Acres

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