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CyberCX invests in WA growth, new Perth-based Security Operations Centre

CyberCX has unified Western Australia’s best cyber security talent, expertise and capability to create WA’s leading full-service cyber security operator, serving enterprise and government customers.

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Wed, 28 Oct 2020
CyberCX invests in WA growth, new Perth-based Security Operations Centre
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CyberCX recently acquired and integrated two of Western Australia’s leading cyber companies, Asterisk Information Security and Diamond Cyber Security, and has committed significant investment in local recruitment and technology to enhance its full range of cyber security services to the Western Australian economy.

Through close working relationships with Edith Cowan University, University of Western Australia and Curtin University, and collaboration with the fast-growing Western Australian cyber security ecosystem; CyberCX will grow its Western Australian workforce to over 70 cyber security professionals in the next year.

CyberCX will continue the tradition of developing young cyber talent via initiatives such as WA CTF.


This investment in jobs will be supported by a significant capital investment in a world-class Perth-based Security Operations Centre (SOC), which will play a pivotal role in establishing Australia’s largest network of distributed SOC capability spanning five facilities across the country.

CyberCX CEO, John Paitaridis, emphasised the importance of Western Australia in CyberCX’s national and international strategy, “Western Australia is a key strategic market for CyberCX. Western Australia is at the epicentre of the nation’s mining and resources industry which is a key driver of the Australian economy. We are the country’s largest, sovereign cyber security player and we are mission focused about protecting Western Australian businesses and communities, especially our critical infrastructure.”

Western Australian Minister for Innovation and ICT Dave Kelly welcomed the announcement: “I would like to congratulate CyberCX on the launch of their Western Australian operations here in Perth, and welcome the role they, along with other cyber security businesses in the state, play in addressing the growing need for cyber security experts, equipment and solutions here in WA.

“Ensuring data networks and systems are secure is critical to protecting against the ever-increasing threat of cyber attack we’re seeing on Western Australian industry and businesses.”

Steve Schupp, executive director for CyberCX in WA, said that WA enterprises and government will be well served by a sovereign cyber security company: “West Australian businesses will benefit from our large team of cyber security experts based in WA. CyberCX understands the unique security needs of Western Australian businesses and government and we look forward to delivering specialised cyber security services and customer experience.

“Cyber attackers are increasingly interested in high profile Australian assets. As the home to some of Australia’s most critical industries, infrastructure and supply chains, Western Australia makes an attractive target to malicious cyber actors and the consequences could be grave. We are seeing exponential growth in the number of cyber attacks on Australian businesses and government agencies. We are here to protect WA businesses from these attacks.”

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