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Tech Council of Australia urges digital identity reform

A former NSW politician has announced that he is part of a new initiative from the Tech Council of Australia to help reform digital credentials and identities.

Tech Council of Australia urges digital identity reform
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Victor Dominello, ex-NSW minister for customer service and digital government, announced on LinkedIn late last week that he had been appointed to lead a new working group focused on the reform efforts.

“My digital driver’s licence is sooo good,” Dominello emphatically wrote. “I have not carried a wallet for almost five years.”

“However, the DDL – like its plastic relative – reveals too much personal information. They are crude defacto forms of ID.”

Dominello believes that “fit-for-purpose digital ID” should allow their users to control what information they share and for how long it is shared, leading to better security and increased privacy.

“I look forward to working with the tech sector to help support Australian governments drive this important work forward,” Dominello said.

Dominello joined the board of the Tech Council of Australia in May.

Kate Pounder, the Tech Council of Australia’s chief executive, told ITnews that the new working group would be made up of a “multidisciplinary group” from within the Tech Council’s own ranks.

The group will “advocate for reform and offer helpful advice and support to governments on digital identity and digital credentials initiatives”.

“This is a timely move, with [Finance] Minister [Katy] Gallagher recently announcing that the federal government is moving towards a national, economy-wide digital identity framework by mid-next-year, with draft legislation expected to be released in September,” Pounder said.

David Hollingworth

David Hollingworth

David Hollingworth has been writing about technology for over 20 years, and has worked for a range of print and online titles in his career. He is enjoying getting to grips with cyber security, especially when it lets him talk about Lego.

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