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‘Seeing is no longer believing’: McAfee, Intel partner to improve Deepfake Detector

The two companies have partnered to enhance McAfee’s Deepfake Detector, using Intel’s Core Ultra processor NPU to complete the analysis of a deepfake locally without having to send information to the cloud.

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Tue, 07 May 2024
‘Seeing is no longer believing’: McAfee, Intel partner to improve Deepfake Detector
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The recent announcement, made at RSA in San Francisco, is expected to improve model performance by up to 300 per cent while also delivering additional privacy advantages and improved battery life.

The model works by using deep neural network models, which are trained to identify when content is likely generated by artificial intelligence (AI), the companies confirmed.

It is hoped that the improved model will support the community in determining legitimate content from misinformation and scams.

The announcement comes as cyber criminals have begun leveraging AI on audio and visual products to scam unsuspecting users.

The product is especially important for users as “seeing is no longer believing”, Tyler McGee, head of APAC at McAfee, said.

“The collaboration with Intel is further evidence of McAfee’s innovative, customer-centric approach. In a world where seeing is no longer believing, where AI-generated deepfakes have made it harder than ever to tell real from fake, consumers need the latest in AI to beat AI,” McGee said.

“With Intel, we’re now going even one step further in delivering a seamless and robust customer experience. Leveraging Intel’s Core Ultra processor technology and its NPU, we can provide consumers with the most advanced and powerful generative AI deepfake detection capabilities, without compromising on performance or privacy.

“No need to send huge files to the cloud for analysis with detection performed locally, providing even greater peace of mind and control over your data.”

The partnership will prove to be a force for good, Carla Rodriguez, vice-president and general manager of ecosystem partner enabling at Intel, said.

“Our partnership with industry leaders like McAfee highlights our commitment to enabling the technology ecosystem to use AI for good,” said Rodríguez.

“We’re excited to collaborate with McAfee to help bring to market innovative solutions like McAfee Deepfake Detector, which leverages the NPU in Intel Core Ultra processor-based PCs, driving detection of malicious and misleading deepfakes while delivering optimal performance and privacy.”

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