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Oracle selected to provide sovereign cloud services

The firm has secured a contract from Australian Data Centres to provide sovereign hosted cloud services to the federal government.

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Thu, 18 Feb 2021
Oracle selected to provide sovereign cloud services
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Australian Data Centres (ADC) has selected Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer to provide sovereign hosted cloud services to the Commonwealth government.

The Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, hosted within the ADC’s Canberra-based facility, extends Oracle’s suite of services to government across a range of sectors, including national security, health, and human services.

“Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer makes it easier for government entities to securely move to the next stage of their cloud-enabled transformation,” Cherie Ryan, vice president and regional managing director ANZ, at Oracle, said.


“It builds on our strong momentum in the Canberra market and provides the equivalent of a third Australian cloud region, complementing our existing investments in second-generation cloud regions in Melbourne and Sydney.”

ADC is expected to use the Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer to build Oracle’s public cloud regions in its own data centres, providing it with physical control of infrastructure.

According to Oracle, the cloud region provides strong isolation of customer data, including all API operations, which remain local to the data centre and provide high levels of security.

The partnership enables ADC to access all of Oracle’s second-generation cloud services, which can then be offered to government agencies.

ADC is set to provide best practice data centre security operations, risk management and a ‘sovereign beyond doubt’ hosting location approach with connectivity to the Intra-government Communications Network (ICON) and all major telecommunication providers.

“We are committed to building capacity to provide services to the government by Australian providers to assure both the security and reliability of the supply chain,” Rob Kelly, managing director of ADC, said.

“This is a major step toward enabling more choice for government to access world-leading cloud services, in a data centre managed by a 100 per cent Australian sovereign company, focused on connectivity, security, and simplified deployment.

“Critically, it addresses data hosting sovereignty, enhanced security and performance attributes required to accelerate governments shift to the cloud services.”

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