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PODCAST: Launching Cyber Uncut

In this episode of the Cyber Uncut podcast, hosts Phil Tarrant and Major General (Ret’d) Marcus Thompson announce the rebranding of Cyber Security Connect into CyberDaily.au.

user iconRobyn Tongol
Fri, 06 Oct 2023
PODCAST: Launching Cyber Uncut
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The pair also discuss:

  • The reasoning behind the rebrand to Cyber Daily, mainly the broad-reaching impact of cyber life across government, the economy and at the individual level of daily life.
  • The evolution of the cyber environment and the regulatory and legislative environments and their high-stakes implications for the nation and the individual Australian.
  • The latest events from across the cyber news space, ranging from recent announcements by ASIC, the obligations that businesses and governments have to protect and further the evolution of the cyber domain.

Enjoy the podcast.
The Cyber Uncut Team.

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Introducing Cyber Daily, the new name for Cyber Security Connect

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